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Primary Elections Tomorrow

Several of Virginia’s U.S. Congressional districts are holding Republican Party Primary Elections tomorrow, June 8th. If you are a registered voter in the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 8th, or 11th congressional districts; you may vote in tomorrow’s primary. The State Board of Elections has the candidates by district here: I confess I have not been […]

Disappointed in my Precinct

According to the Verifiable Voting Coalition of Virginia, Virginia law requires that all new voting machines be optical scan tabulators that provide a voter-verified paper audit trail. So why did I have to vote on an unverifiable paperless electronic voting machines, known as DRE? Because our lame legislators have allowed for a very long, gradual […]

Vote Today

If you are able to vote, and you do not; you have no right to complain about the government you get stuck with. Virginia polling stations are open 6am to 7pm today. Don’t chance it, get to the station plenty early.

Virginia State General Election

On November 3rd, Virginia holds it’s most important state-wide general election in about a decade. Registered voters will be able to pick Virginia’s next Governor, Lt Governor, and Attorney General. Voters in each of Virginia’s 100 house of delegates districts will be able to pick their next delegate to the state legislature. In order to […]

You’ll find my lack of faith disturbing…

You may be shocked to learn that I simply do not believe Bob McDonnell when he disavows his own controversial thesis ideology. McDonnell has be amazingly firm in his commitment to those right-wing ideals throughout nearly all of his long political career. It is either commendable or laughable that in 18 years of politics, over […]

The real Bob McDonnell

I keep seeing commercial advertising promoting Bob McDonnell’s candidacy as Virginia’s “Jobs Governor” – which is ludicrous in the extreme. Bob McDonnell, who has been running for governor for about two years has done a lot of work to make himself look more moderate, but do NOT be fooled. McDonnell is no moderate. He is […]

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Virginia Primary Election, June 9th

Just a reminder for registered voters in Virginia, there is a very important primary coming up on June 9th, and you should go vote. Every registered voter in the state can have a say in who will get the Democratic Party nomination for Governor, Lt Governor, and in many districts – delegate for that district. […]

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Creigh Deeds is my choice for Virginia in 2009

Virginia has state office elections in odd years, which allows voters to focus on those elections and not get distracted by national elections, but it also means turnout is always really low because voters are tired from the previous year’s national election and unwilling to invest the time and effort. Virginia’s state-wide elections this year […]

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Bigotry no Sanction, Persecution no Assistance

I believe those are the words of George Washington, who recognized that our democracy would not survive on tolerance only, that we needed liberty. We cannot tolerate the intolerant, which appears on a shallow level to be an oxymoron, but on a deeper level is a fundamental and self-evident truth. Fear is a mind-killer. Fear […]

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Virginia Primary June 9th

The state of Virginia has it’s statewide general election on November 3rd, 2009; it’s an opportunity to select our next Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Delegates to every house seat in the state, and roughly 1/3rd the state senators. Most localities also hold their county and city elections at the same time. Aside from the […]

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