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Wow – visualizing the massive scale of global shipping is interesting

We live in amazing times indeed where planetary shipping can be visualized like this… Created by London-based data visualisation studio Kiln and the UCL Energy Institute

Cold Weather Tips

Oh my it’s cold… Stay warm folks. Keep a towel and blanket and snow shovel in the car. Extra mittens, scarves, and hoods/hats don’t hurt either. This cold, lift your wipers up off the windshield… Plan your trips between car and building carefully before opening the door and making the trip. The long term forecast […]

Computer Literacy Bookstore turned Indian Restaurant

I attended Sun Microsystem’s DC area reveal of the brand new Java and dancing Duke mascot at a Computer Literacy bookstore in the late 1990s… I just had lunch in the same spot which is now an Indian restaurant called Bombay Tandoor. Memories are funny things, I could actually still see (in my imagination) the […]

Typhoon Approaching Okinawa and Kyushu

In the summer of 1987 I was temporarily assigned to Kadena AB, Okinawa from my duty station at Misawa AB, Japan. During that summer a major typhoon hit the island of Okinawa. I will never forget the fury that nature can hurl at a city in the form of a typhoon. The service men and […]

Drilling in deep water again?

Really? Have we learned NOTHING about drilling through one fluid through another? Disgusted. First Deep-Water Drilling Permit Issued Since Spill

I am massively relieved that power is back on…

This morning I went by the house to check on things and feed the cats and found that the power was back on at the house; and that by some miracle I do not fully understand most of our treasured marine aquarium livestock appears to have survived! We also still have some propane though the […]

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Non-Profit Groups as Shields for Nefarious Activities

Think twice before you believe any organization’s claims; many operate with the opposite goals from what you have been misled to believe… 6 Insane Conspiracies Hiding Behind Non-Profit Groups How strange that Cracked and Comedy Central are providing more thoughtful news than the actual news is… Be sure to read through to page two and […]

This is one reason Fox is propaganda

The deliberate misrepresentation of data to manipulate it’s viewers: Media Matters “Worst chart I’ve seen all day” The Republicans have Fox and the Soviets have Pravda.

Excellent article in Rolling Stone

This may be the best bit of journalism publish in the United States in two decades… excellent and valid criticism of our president and the corrupting power of giant multi-national corporations. Hat tip to “The Richmonder” on Blue Virginia for pointing the excellent article out.

We need nuclear, wind, and solar energy

We desperately need to switch our energy sources from coal and oil to a mix of wind, solar, and nuclear energy. Air pollution is killing us twice (particulates and climate change); and coal is so horribly filthy in so many ways that it simply must be stopped. This is like the Hindenburg crash – […]