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Egads, more than a month since my last post…

Clearly I have been a little overwhelmed by life lately, and that has been both good and bad… Trivial little updates and one liners are so easy on that mixed blessing/curse of Facebook that I am afraid I have neglected more thoughtful writing here. I will try to catch up a little for those who […]

I am massively relieved that power is back on…

This morning I went by the house to check on things and feed the cats and found that the power was back on at the house; and that by some miracle I do not fully understand most of our treasured marine aquarium livestock appears to have survived! We also still have some propane though the […]

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Photos of new aquarium

So we have the new 120 Gallon aquarium up and running, we have seen most of the fish and shrimp this morning, but we are missing one of two neon gobys, my six-line wrasse, a watchman goby, and a pistol shrimp. I took a few photos, and they are up on the experimental .mac site, […]

New Aquarium Progress

After a major setback last night (the first sump tank leaked), we have a new sump tank in place and the plumbing is working perfectly in the new 120 gallon tank. I set up the Tek T5 lights and got them on a timer too. It is starting to look nice. The new sump was […]

Bigger Aquarium

Well, after talking it over and examining our options, Erci and I stopped by Marine Scene and bought a 120 gallon All-Glass (brand) aquarium, cherry stand, Tek T-5 lights, versa-top, sump, pumps, and plumbing to make it all work. The new big system will go into the dining room and it will house the fish […]

A New Public Aquarium in Valencia, Spain

Erci and I love aquariums. We have several of aquariums in our home, we visit aquarium stores wherever we travel, and we make semi-regular trips just to visit big public aquariums to learn more about marine life and enjoy the beauty of coral reefs. We just learned about a new (well, relatively new) big public […]