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iPhone Applications

I have purchased very few applications:

  • Koi Pond v2.5 $0.99
  • cute entertainment, pond of fish to feed

  • StarMap v2.0.2 $11.99
  • awesome map of night sky, aware of location and direction

  • Distant Suns 3 $9.99
  • awesome map of night sky, aware of location and direction

  • Simplenote v2.09 $1.99
  • really elegant notes, but wants account on their server too

  • iSSH / VNC v2.0 $3.99
  • VNC client and SSH sessions for talking to servers

Of course I use most of the stuff that came with the phone (photos, messages, phone, mail, safari, ipod, camera, clock, calculator, contacts, notes, weather, maps, calendar, youtube).

I also use lots of free applications:

Facebook – free client for Facebook social media site
Remote – free remote control for iTunes on a computer or AppleTV
Where – free location aware cheap gas finder, starbucks finder, restaurant finder, weather news, traffic, news
Yelp – free reviews of businesses and business finder (great for food), requires free yelp account
SoundHound – free music identifier, seems to be faster than Shazam
Shazam – free music identifier, but I am gradually switching to SoundHound
Google Earth – free planet earth viewer, gorgeous
NYTimes – free news reader
NPR News – free news reader, ability to play and build playlists of radio segments, simply awesome
AFreeLevel – free level tool
Skype – free VOIP and social media, requires Skype account (which can be free too)
IM+ Lite – free multi-protocol IM client (Jabber, GTalk, AIM, etc)
UrbanSpoon – free restaurant guide for local area, has awesome randomizer for picking when a group can’t decide
DistantSuns – free (there are paid upgrades) astronomy information for your location
Gallery – free MobileMe Gallery viewer, needs MobileMe account (paid)
AirSharing – free, or $2.99 or $6.99 – turns your iPhone into a Wifi network drive you can access from your computer, portable network web/disk server
MarkTheSpot – free mark those spots where AT&T’s network sucks and submit them so they can fix them
eBay – free eBay auction site client, wants eBay account which is free to shoppers, but costs auction winners….
Chipotle – free Chipotle restaurant pre-order for fast pickup
Bump – free contact information exchange, might have privacy issues – but easy to use
Pocket Pond – free koi pond
OpenTable – free restaurant reviews and reservations for many restaurants
iBooks – free iPad book reader
eReader – free open source book reader
Kindle – free Amazon book reader, but needs Kindle account

Erci recommends:
Pandora free music sampler
Sol Free solitair game
GoSkyWatch (star map)
Things (getting things done app) not free
Whole Foods – recipes
Mixology – bar recipes
and she seconds the recommendation for Where

Steve recommends:
AP Mobile – local news and world news
MotionX GPS ($2.99) or MotionX GPS Lite (free) track your walking, running cycling habit
MSNBC news feed with Rachel and Keith video clips
Battery Magic – tells you how much life is left in your phone
Kinetic balls – entertainment
Maddow – it’s easier to use the msnbc app
Gallup News
Around Me – Another locator device for gas, food, recreation etc…sort of a GPS/Yellow Pages
How to tie a tie