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iPhone/iPod Touch Apps

With some of my relatives getting brand new iPod Touches as gifts, and several friends having iPhones, I decided to start listing the applications I find useful.

The most needed applications I do not know of are:

  • global text search: I frequently can’t recall where I put a note or snippet of information, I wish there were an easy way to search my entire iPhone for a simple text string and list all the files/apps with that string, then let me tap the listed item to open that app and go right to the string in that app (I have this on my Palm Tungsten C, why not the iPhone?)
  • cut and paste: I often want to be able to grab a snippet of text from one application and paste it into another; especially since typing is tough to do
  • a widget that let’s me use any Bluetooth keyboard with an iPhone

Now for the applications I use all the time:

  • AIM – free IM client; want a free Adiumx, but will make do
  • Air Sharing
  • Save Benjis – compare prices of things you might buy in the store
  • Currency – converts currency online
  • eReader – electronic book reader
  • Eventful
  • Evernote
  • Facebook – read and update Facebook from iPhone
  • A Free Level – simple bubble level that actually works pretty well
  • Jott for iPhone
  • – update LiveJournal from iPhone
  • midomi – identify music people hum or sing into the microphone
  • Now Local
  • NY Times
  • Obama ’08
  • Remote
  • Say Where
  • Shazam – identify and make note of recorded music you overhear and like
  • Stanza – electronic book reader
  • TapeMeasure!
  • Urbanspoon
  • Wikipanion – searches wikipedia online, and formats output for small screen
  • WordPress – update wordpress blogs from iPhone
  • World Wiki – offline basic info about the world and it’s countries
  • Yelp

Random notes, unsorted below:


PDF viewer?
Word Doc Reader?

OmniFocus for iPhone syncs to Mac – get organized

Circulator ($6) keeps track of stuff you have lent out and borrowed
PhoneView ($20) desktop companion for iPhone and iPod Touch (access notes)

goMovies (looks up showtimes by zipcode via fandango) (finds cheapest and nearest gas by location)

Caliper ($.99)
RulerPhone ($2.99)

ssh/terminal application?


WritingPad (possibly faster way to enter text?)


MPG (tracks gas mileage)
VNsea (VNC for iPhone)
iRadio (streaming music, many channels)
Customize (change the way everything looks)
Summerboard (change themes, boot logo, wallpaper)

Palm PDA Stuff:
plucker (the onion, bbc news)