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Audio Shelves

I’d like a rack or shelves for our family room entertainment gear so components can be pulled without moving the entire stack of gear.

2″ x 8″ Channel Vision E-4200 4-Input Analog Modulator
1.5″ x 8″ AppleTV (frequently need access to wires)
5.5/8″ x 16.5/8″ Pioneer CLD-79 Laserdisc Player (17″ deep)
3″ x 14.3/4″ DISH PVR (requires air venting through top of unit)
6.3/4″ x 17.1/4″ Yamaha RX-V1800 receiver (requires air venting through top of unit)
3.5″ x 17″ Panasonic DMR-ES35V DVD/VCR combo
XX x XX Yamaha APD-1 RF demodulator