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Common Restock Items

16″ x 20″ replacement glass for WindJammer poster

Swimming Pool Skimmer Baskets: American/Aladdin/Admiral B-200 (height = 6 1/4″ bottom diameter = 5 5/8″ top diameter = 8 1/4″ )

Dura-Cube or Solar Salt (not pellets) for EcoWater Water Softener

20×4.25 5005 or 2501 replacement filter cartridges for Pentek Big Blue whole house water filter.

We have nine standard smoke detectors (battery backed up, wired into house, three per level).

Sanyo Eneloop AA and AAA rechargeable NiMH batteries for everything except digital cameras (nominal 2000mAh is not enough).
Ultralast Green AA and AAA rechargeable batteries.

Harris Teeter Stuff:
– method hand soap refills

Brother P-Touch M931 tape for P-100 labeler that uses 6 AA batteries.

CVS Tri-Flexxx razor cartridges for Scott.

Folding Chair Tips, 7/8″ part number 6564 for folding chairs.

SR44 Silver Oxide 1.5v batteries in pairs for cat-toy laser pointers.

CR2032 3V Lithium Batteries for:
– Apple Remote Control
– Octane FitnessQ37e Heart Rate Monitor (eliptical cross trainer)
– Prius keyfob

Garden Paths:
– Entrance: 168″ x 30″ (narrows to a little less than 30″ at one end)
– Front: 110″ x 30″ (uneven end, 106″ at one side, 112″ at the other)
– Patio by Fig tree: 132″ (rough fade away) x 53.5″

Printer Ink Cartridges:

  • Erci’s office printer is an Epson RX-620.
      T048420 (yellow) T048620 (light magenta) T048520 (light cyan)
      T048320 (magenta) T048220 (cyan)
      T048920 (5 color pack) T048120 (black)
  • The network printer is an HP C7280 all-in-one. It uses HP 02 in five colors and in black: cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan, light magenta, and black.

– Kitchen Aid Fridge/Freezer: A15 bulbs, 60w or less (3 count) – replaced with LED for cool lighting
– Fluorescent cans: 4-6 count – BIAX F13BX/835, F13BX/SPX35 198A (on square) approx 7 inch length
– Step Lights: 2-4 count 7w PL-S soft white 2700k G23 2-pin base 5 11/32 length
– Butler Pantry – inside cabinet lights – 4 halogen 20 watt MR11 with GU4 base and 30 degree wide angle, LED works too

Snow-Thrower Shear Pins:
Ariens 8524 Classic uses 51001500 pins

Scuba Gear:
Dive Log Books: both are “Standard A-5″ size (5.5″ x 8″) with three holes, 2.75″ apart, and 1.25” in from edge…

Moen 1222B Positemp Replacement Cartridge for basement and upstairs bathrooms.

Marquis Ultimate Voyage, Grey tub and Cedar exterior

  • Clarathon Filter Cartridge FC-0195
  • control panel
  • 90×90
  • 425 gallons

Master Bedroom:
Our reading lights are 79″ apart, so headboard/frame must be less than that.
Dressers are 18″ deep
Current (queen) bed is 65″ wide
aisles on both sides are 25″ wide

Queen mattresses are 60″
King mattresses are 76″

Kohler 85160 flappers for White, two piece Kohler toilets in extra bathrooms.

Kohler 85665 flappers for Black, one-piece Kohler K-3323 Santa Rosa toilets in powder room and master bathroom.


  • 1 more side unit, 89″ tall
  • 3 side units 89″ tall, 11″ deep
  • 10 or 11 shelves, 32″ wide, 11″ deep
  • Observator cross brace