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Kalamazoo Sessions

Thursday 10:00am

Session 4: Crown and Policy in Later Medieval England
Society of the White Hart
Valley II – room 202
Mark Arvanigian and Michael Bennet
Patronage and Loyalty in the Household of Edward II
Reshaping the Good Parliament (1376)

NOT Session 29: the Italian Crossbows by J Patrick Hughes has been cancelled

Session 52: Man or Monster: From Medieval Literature to the Buffyverse, Leila Werthschulte
Sangren 2304
this is the 2nd of four papers in the session

Thursday 1:30pm

Session 73: Dress and Textiles 1: Threads and Fibers (DISTAFF)
Fetzer 1010
Gale-Owen Crocker
Heidi Sherman: Flax and Linen in Novgorod
Spinning by Janilee Plummer

Thursday 3:30pm

Session 113: The Hundred Years War
Society of the White Hart
Valley II room 202

Session 157: The Late Middle Ages
Bernhard Brown & Gold room
Impoverishment and Prosperity in East Anglia before and after the Black Death
Army Finance
Visual Propaganda as Political Communication in England during the Hundred Years War

Thursday 5:45pm

Distaff Fashion Exhibit and armor on display…
Fetzer 1045

Thursday 7:30pm

Session 180
Church Power in Later Medieval England
Society of the White Hart
Fetzer 2020
Render to Whom? Clergy and Debt in the Pardons of Richard II
How Literacy Transformed the political culture of Late Medieval St Albans

Session 184
The Beverage of Valhalla: Mead in the Viking World
Medieval Brewers Guild
Schneider 1280

Friday 10:00am

Session 206
Valley I room 107
After Arundel (1409-1439)
Impact of Carmelites on Lollardy

Friday 1:30pm

Session 256
Valley II room 202
Teaching and Learning in the 14th Century
14th Century Society
Medical Education after the Black Death
Real Men Read Poetry: Instructional Verse in 14th Century Fight Manuals (James Hester)

Session 273
Fetzer 1035
Late Medieval Military History: England and France
De Re Militari
Banners Unfurled (English Warfare at Home)
French Ordinance of Arms

Friday 3:30pm

Session 320
Valley II room 203
Fashion Roundtable

Session 330
Valey I room 107
Fourteenth Century Religious Writings
Lollard Society

Friday 5:30pm

White Hart Lecture on Edward III in Fetzer 1010

Friday 7:30pm

How a Man Shall Be (H)armed
Bernhard 105

Saturday 10:00am

Session 386
Valley II room 205
Town and Country in Later Medieval England
Society of the White Hart
The Public Sphere in Late Medieval Towns

Session 400
Fetzer 1010
The Children of Hurin
Lack of Counsel, Not of Courage: Tolkien’s Critic of Heroic Ethos
The Shadow of my Purpose: Gnosticism and the Strands of Fate
Tolkien’s Women

Saturday 1:30pm

Session 457
Fetzer 2030
Famine & Hunger in the 14th Century

440 pets
valley II garneau

Saturday 3:30pm

session 492
Valley II room 200
Notions of Nobility in the 14th and 15th Century

Saturday 5:00pm

Medieval Brewers Guild Mead and Ale Tasting
Valley III room 302

Saturday 8:00pm

fetzer 1005, rebroadcast in fetzer 1010
Fee, Fie, Faux, Fu(m)n
The Psuedo Society
Looking for Joan
Medieval Mortality
Francois Vilon

Sunday 8:30am

Session 552
Valley II Garneau Lounge
Revising Eowyn

Session 560
Fetzer 1010
DISTAFF – Roman de la Rose

Session 576
Bernhard 208
Mary Rose weapons

Sunday 10:30am

Session 593
Fetzer 1035
Medieval Instruments