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Free Gadgets

  • Technics SL-PD687 (5 CD carousel changer with remote control; RCA stereo jacks)
  • Sony DVP-S330 (DVD/CD/Video CD player with remote control and manual; two sets of RCA stereo jacks, composite video, S-Video, and one set of coaxial and optical digital audio outputs)
  • Sony LDP-750 (RCA stereo, composite video, and RF only, no optical/coaxial out; manual and remote included; unit needs minor repair, discs eject when inserted

I am gradually replacing my LaserVision collection, here is what I am willing to part with now.

The following discs are all dolby surround, stereo; they should play on any LaserVision player:

  • The Advocate
  • Blade Runner, the Director’s Cut (from 1991/1992)
  • Babylon 5: A Race Through Dark Places/Soul Mates
  • Last of the Mohicans
  • Much Ado About Nothing (note; the side-flip is a horrendously bad cut, and a few minutes of the dinner scene are missing because Columbia Tristar were clueless when this was mastered)

I will have more soon; still doing inventory and replacing.