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Review of Evo Bistro in McLean, VA

I gave Evo Bistro four out of five stars when I first reviewed French/Algerian Tapas and Wine place in November 2010, and if anything it has grown on me. Evo Bistro 1313 Old Chain Bridge Rd McLean, VA 22101 (703) 288-4422 We absolutely love Evo Bistro for tapas and wine. Our wallets are reluctant to […]

Review of Kora in Crystal City, Arlington, VA

I gave Kora two out of five stars when I reviewed it on November 26th, 2010. I have not been back. Kora 2250-B Crystal Dr Arlington, VA 22202 (571) 431-7090 Horribly disappointing is the summary. Wish there was a 1.5 stars you could click… We were sold a bill of goods, told it would be […]

Egads, more than a month since my last post…

Clearly I have been a little overwhelmed by life lately, and that has been both good and bad… Trivial little updates and one liners are so easy on that mixed blessing/curse of Facebook that I am afraid I have neglected more thoughtful writing here. I will try to catch up a little for those who […]

Good wines tasted last night

So I don’t forget the real pleasures of last night: Valminor Albarino is a crisp, clean, refreshing white – perfect for seafood Pearmund Viognier is fruity, with a beautiful nose and lovely notes to go with spicy fish, chicken or sausage… yum! Montes Purple Angel from Chile was a delightful full bodied red surprise; really […]

Oscar night at Evo Bistro

While we were loving the delicious anniversary dinner at Evo Bistro last night, and stunned at how quiet and empty it was; we asked wait staff why, and they guessed Oscar night.  We replied: “oh was that happening now?”  Cool.   I would like to thank the academy for a lovely, romantic, quiet night at […]

Vintage Virginia Wine Festival

Erci, Kate, and I went to Vintage Virginia 2009 today and sampled wines. Barboursville’s “Octogon VIII” (2005) was fantastic, and their Nebbiolo Reserve (2005) was also spectacular. They also had a whole flight of good whites including a dry Riesling (2007), Sauvignon Blanc (2008), and Reserve Chardonnay (2006). Mountfair’s “Inauguration” was fantastic. Montfair is down […]

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Minibar Experience

Erci and I went to Minibar on Wednesday night, and had a fantastic dining adventure. She shared her detailed thoughts and the menu, and I commented over at: LiveJournal has a funny “adult content” warning on her blog because she once posted some mild language, but this review is G-rated and safe for all […]

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Excellent discovery

So La Belle is half-way through it’s annual Winter Gathering at my house and we made an excellent discovery. La Grange Meritage, 2005, is fantastic. We are a large group this year (18 adults and several children) and the two bottles we had on hand were not enough. Yum! It is a bloody good thing […]

Eos Reserve Paso Robles Petite Syrah 2005

Just tasted a little Eos Reserve Paso Robles Petite Syrah 2005 at Whole Foods in Fair Lakes with Kate and Erci; it was extraordinarily yummy. At $33 a bottle it will be for special occasions only, but it is very good. Dinner at the seafood bar inside Whole Foods was excellent too; blackened tilapia, miso […]

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Lovely Day

More gorgeous weather got us off to a good start today. Erci started writing a paper while I went to the Fortune District (Soka Gakkai) discussion meeting on “What is Kosen Rufu and how can we achieve it in our lifetimes?” that Mike and Steve lead us in. I particularly liked a passage Steve had […]