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Vintage Virginia Wine Festival

Erci, Kate, and I went to Vintage Virginia 2009 today and sampled wines.

Barboursville’s “Octogon VIII” (2005) was fantastic, and their Nebbiolo Reserve (2005) was also spectacular. They also had a whole flight of good whites including a dry Riesling (2007), Sauvignon Blanc (2008), and Reserve Chardonnay (2006).

Mountfair’s “Inauguration” was fantastic. Montfair is down near Charlottesville for those interested in a fantastic local wine.

Philip Carter’s “Falconwood” was really refreshing, I liked it so much I bought five bottles.

James River Cellars had a whole selection of yummy stuff. Their 2008 Saude Creek was very refreshing, the 2007 Gewurztraminer was extraordinary with a sweet Italian Basil nose and hint to it’s flavor. Their 2007 Chambourcin is amazingly port-like in it’s smokey-sweet flavor. Their Hanover White (2007) is a reliable dry white wine we have come to rely on.

Breaux has a fantastic Nebbiolo Ice Wine (2008 dessert wine) and one of the best Viogniers (2007), though Cooper’s was a good Viognier too. We bought Cooper’s Viognier, and hope to visit Breaux soon to buy some of theirs as well.

We got over-heated, and the music was way too loud (though better than years passed). We came home and had grilled burgers, fresh tomatoes, corn on the cobb, and garden salad from our own garden (well, with store bought tomatoes). Yum!

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