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The quest for lower cost internet service

In my ongoing quest for lower cost internet service to the house I switched from Comcast/Xfinity to Verizon/FIOS today. It turned out to be relatively quick install of FIOS internet-only service, which works fine with my own router (you only need a Verizon router if you don’t already have a router or if you need […]

Vegetable Garden, 2016

Having a gently warm spring weekend has encouraged me to start on the garden this year; so far I am just tilling the soil with an old garden fork and thinking about how best to prevent deer and rabbit from eating everything. Remaining from prior years is a little Rosemary, a lot of Oregano, the […]


Vegetable Garden, 2015

I should have done this every year I’ve had a garden, log the sewing of seeds and plantings and photograph the progress with notes so that in following years I learn from mistakes. I began this year’s garden a little late due to cold weather and outside events that prevented an early start; but I […]

Cold Weather Tips

Oh my it’s cold… Stay warm folks. Keep a towel and blanket and snow shovel in the car. Extra mittens, scarves, and hoods/hats don’t hurt either. This cold, lift your wipers up off the windshield… Plan your trips between car and building carefully before opening the door and making the trip. The long term forecast […]

Review of Fresh & Organic, Ashburn, VA

I gave Fresh & Organic five out of five stars in April 2014. Fresh & Organic 20693 Ashburn Rd Ashburn, VA 20147 (703) 726-9629 Best chai tea I have ever had started my first experience at Fresh and Organic off nicely, then following that with amazingly delicious gluten-free sour cherry cake and friendly service made […]

Review of Origins Thai Spa, in Sterling, VA

I am a raving fan of Origins Thai Spa in Sterling, endorsing them for five out of five stars since January 2014. Origins Thai Spa 46179 Westlake Dr Sterling, VA 20165 (703) 376-8711 I was not a frequent professional massage customer, but I will be now; I have had perhaps fifteen professional massages in my […]

Review of Cherry Blossom Restaurant & Banquet Hall, Sterling, VA

I gave Cherry Blossom five out of five stars in January of 2013, but would revise that down to four stars today. Cherry Blossom Restaurant & Banquet Hall 46110 Lake Center Plz Sterling, VA 20165 (703) 444-0080 The lunch buffet at Cherry Blossom is spectacular! Best eggplant on the planet. Best four bean salad on […]

Review of A Taste of Burma, Sterling, VA

I gave A Taste of Burma four out of five stars when I reviewed the quiet establishment in January of 2013 and stand by that strong review. A Taste of Burma 126 Edds Ln Sterling, VA 20165 (703) 444-8510 I love A Taste of Burma in Sterling, Virginia. The food is always delightfully prepared and […]

Review of Thai Square, Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA

I enthusiastically give Thai Square five out of five stars, and maintain that it is the best Thai food in the Washington area at least since September of 2012. Thai Square 3217 Columbia Pike Arlington, VA 22204 (703) 685-7040 Thai Square is quickly becoming my favorite Thai restaurant. They excel at several of my favorite […]

Review of China King Restaurant in Leesburg, VA

I gave China King Restaurant four out of five stars in March of 2012, and it has held up that excellent reputation since then. Do NOT be confused, there is no affiliation between this China King Restaurant and the fast-food chain of China Kings all over the Northern Virginia area (they are not good at […]