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Review of China King Restaurant in Leesburg, VA

I gave China King Restaurant four out of five stars in March of 2012, and it has held up that excellent reputation since then. Do NOT be confused, there is no affiliation between this China King Restaurant and the fast-food chain of China Kings all over the Northern Virginia area (they are not good at all).

China King Restaurant
5 S King St
Leesburg, VA 20175
(703) 777-9831

China King in the center of old Leesburg is delicious and amazing. Do NOT be confused, this is NOT part of the local fast food chain of the same name with little modern over the counter places all around Northern Virginia, this is a sit down and table service family restaurant with delicious food.

I confess I do not know what I am eating half the time because Chinese food is not my expertise, but it is always good and they take care of my mushroom allergy very carefully, and that can be a challenge with delicious Chinese food.

It is a small restaurant, often quite busy because it is so delicious, and that can mean the ambiance is convivial and a little loud, but it is far better than the fake loudness of many modern eating establishments that seem to amplify the noise (Sweetwater, On The Border, etc). Service is amazing, prices are too low (I sometimes feel guilty after eating and getting such a small bill), and food is delicious and fascinating. I usually have left-overs because the portions are large.

The cooks are also very flexible about making things you can sort of vaguely describe… I went in craving a bean thread dish I could not remember the name of once, and they listened and took a stab at it and I had an excellent dinner as a result.

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