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Review of Cherry Blossom Restaurant & Banquet Hall, Sterling, VA

I gave Cherry Blossom five out of five stars in January of 2013, but would revise that down to four stars today.

Cherry Blossom Restaurant & Banquet Hall
46110 Lake Center Plz
Sterling, VA 20165
(703) 444-0080

The lunch buffet at Cherry Blossom is spectacular!

Best eggplant on the planet.
Best four bean salad on the planet.
Fantastic Dahl (Lentils).
Fantastic Chicken and Beef Kabobs.
Very good Qabili Palaw (rice with carrots and raisins).
Very good chick peas, hummus, and stewed beans.

When they have it, there is a rose flavored dessert that is stunning (it’s rare though).

For dinner, there is no buffet, and the kabobs are even better – but it is hard to get a variety unless you go in a group and everyone orders different things and you all share.

Sometimes the music is a bit repetitive and bizarre (Twin Peaks theme song?) – but lately it has been some guitar music that is pleasant enough.

The lunch value is stunning; it is a must do for lunches in Sterling area. Easy to eat vegetarian, but not exclusively vegetarian.

Update: I no longer go for dinner, as the buffet is the star attraction and ordering individual dishes gets you less variety and runs up the tab quite quickly… though the food is every bit as good.

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