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Review of Smokin’ Eddies BBQ in Louisa, VA

I gave Smokin’ Eddies three out of five stars in May of 2013.

Smokin’ Eddies BBQ
213 W Main St
Louisa, VA 23093
(540) 967-1990

Had an afternoon to explore the thriving town of Louisa, VA and decided to try Smokin’ Eddie’s BBQ. It was a casual experience, sit down and order – but casual enough that I initially thought we should order at the counter and sit down. The sauces were flavorful but not that spicy, and the meat came out very smokey tasting; and despite the name, I did not quite expect that. The brisket was pretty darned good, but the ribs were smokey enough to not really be great, though with enough hot sauce they got to be enjoyable.

The surprise delights were the slaw and potato salad, neither of which is normally my thing, but they were very good according to my dinner partner!

Skip the green beans; so overcooked as to not be worth it at all.

The sweet tea was quite good, and the service was friendly, helpful, and willing to engage in conversation (which we welcomed) – highly recommend the service staff.

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