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Review of Origins Thai Spa, in Sterling, VA

I am a raving fan of Origins Thai Spa in Sterling, endorsing them for five out of five stars since January 2014.

Origins Thai Spa
46179 Westlake Dr
Sterling, VA 20165
(703) 376-8711

I was not a frequent professional massage customer, but I will be now; I have had perhaps fifteen professional massages in my life, and the massage I got from Tida tonight was the best professional massage I have ever had.

Origins Thai Spa is clean, quiet, comfortable and feels very wholesome. The staff is very welcoming and calm, and even after a stressful day at work I was relaxing just entering the lobby and enjoying a cup of tea (which was especially welcome as this was a very cold and windy night). We filled out a little paperwork and were taken to a couples massage room after our massage therapists introduced themselves. We made ourselves comfortable on the massage tables covered with beautiful silk brocade coverlets over the usual sheets.

Tida was assigned to me and she asked me if there were any places that were bothering me and I told her my neck and shoulder on left side and my lower back; and she wasted no time starting with a hot cloth and then just the right amount of pressure – which is impressive, as I like really strong pressure and she was not a very large therapist at all. She has an amazing touch and very strong hands, and she did deep tissue massage and added a little stretching. I have never had anyone get effective results massaging my shins before, she did; and she came close to eliminating a stress not in my left neck/shoulder area with just one session; which is very impressive. My lower back feels wonderful!

We liked both massages so much we decided to become members of the spa and will be going at least monthly for the next year; not a bad start from a Groupon deal!

I am so very thankful my friend urged me to go – it turned out blissful and I feel I have been on vacation. I will be trying traditional Thai massage and deep tissue massage again and again.

Update: Tida has retired, but I continue to enjoy excellent and relaxing massage at Origins Thai Spa whenever I go.

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