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The quest for lower cost internet service

In my ongoing quest for lower cost internet service to the house I switched from Comcast/Xfinity to Verizon/FIOS today. It turned out to be relatively quick install of FIOS internet-only service, which works fine with my own router (you only need a Verizon router if you don’t already have a router or if you need […]

Cable Modem problems resolved, I hope

I have been having a problem with my cable modem losing signal strength and then either regaining it, or being unable to establish connection and rebooting automatically for a while now. It has been very frustrating. I could see errors like these in the Cable Modem’s logs at (most Cable Modems have a local-only […]

Vegetable Garden, 2016

Having a gently warm spring weekend has encouraged me to start on the garden this year; so far I am just tilling the soil with an old garden fork and thinking about how best to prevent deer and rabbit from eating everything. Remaining from prior years is a little Rosemary, a lot of Oregano, the […]


4th generation AppleTV looks very impressive

In case you missed the Apple Keynote last Wednesday, September 9th, 2015, there was a segment of it I would like to call attention to; the segment covering the upcoming 4th generation AppleTV (available in late October 2015). This interface is what TV needs to be! AppleTV section starts about 52 minutes into the overall […]

Vegetable Garden, 2015

I should have done this every year I’ve had a garden, log the sewing of seeds and plantings and photograph the progress with notes so that in following years I learn from mistakes. I began this year’s garden a little late due to cold weather and outside events that prevented an early start; but I […]

Hacking AppleTV for easier text entry

I just updated all my 2nd generation AppleTV’s and to save the current firmware blobs and then re-applied the Seas0nPass jail-break for v5.3 to install XBMC again. Each time I do this (roughly each time Apple offers new AppleTV software) I have to re-enter my AppleID and password through the painfully cumbersome TV remote and […]

Tricks for surviving the cold

* Stay inside, or at least out of the wind, and layers of clothing * Open cabinet/cupboard doors under those sinks against exterior walls so warm air gets in and keeps pipes from freezing * a heating pad can fix a frozen pipe given enough time * turn on gas fireplaces while there is power […]

Taming iTunes 11

I am less than thrilled with iTunes 11, and am trying to figure out how to use it for all the same functions I enjoyed with earlier versions of iTunes. A lot of this is simply look and feel and slowly growing accustomed to new style and process, but in the interim I can make […]

iOS Airport Utility on iPad has a nifty feature

I noticed a pretty nifty feature of the Airport Utility app on my iOS 5.0.1 based iPad. When I have multiple Apple branded Airport devices wired to the same network, they appear side by side on the Airport Utility’s topology map: When I have one Airport device daisy chained off another, both setting up private […]

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Week of Rain in the Forecast…

Guess it’s a good time to buy some grass seed and over seed the bare spots in the yard. Also a good time to clean gutters and make sure drain tile is connected to down spouts and is clear of debris.