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Taming iTunes 11

I am less than thrilled with iTunes 11, and am trying to figure out how to use it for all the same functions I enjoyed with earlier versions of iTunes. A lot of this is simply look and feel and slowly growing accustomed to new style and process, but in the interim I can make iTunes 11 look a lot like iTunes 10 by doing the following:

  • Get the sidebar back by clicking View > Show Sidebar (or hitting Alt+Cmd+S).
  • Get the status bar back by clicking View > Show Status Bar (or hit Command+/).
  • Click Songs in the top bar, and sort by Artist for the traditional list view.

Now, iTunes 11 should look about the same as iTunes 10.

I still miss the Album Art preview in the left hand side bar… and some of my Album Art may have vanished; though it is hard to tell without the sidebar preview, still analyzing my huge (~26,000 song) library.

The sharing options are important to me too; as I use iTunes extensively to share music and movies around the house, so this must work perfectly.

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