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Frustrations with unneeded iOS app upgrades

Most of the time the iOS application ecosystem works exactly the way you want it to. I back up my iPhone daily and my iPad weekly by plugging them into my laptop and frequently update all Apps that I have already “purchased” (mostly they are free) and everything is pretty current and generally works great. […]

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iOS Airport Utility on iPad has a nifty feature

I noticed a pretty nifty feature of the Airport Utility app on my iOS 5.0.1 based iPad. When I have multiple Apple branded Airport devices wired to the same network, they appear side by side on the Airport Utility’s topology map: When I have one Airport device daisy chained off another, both setting up private […]

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Find my iPhone

The Find my iPhone feature available on iPhones and iPads is very, very handy if you ever lose or misplace your phone. The catch is you have to turn the feature on before you lose the device. Once lost, it is too late. So take a few minutes and enable and test the feature when […]

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Initial iPad Setup

A beloved relative recently asked me for help setting up their new iPad 2, and I responded initially with a long email that detailed how to first update iTunes on their Mac and then plug in and update the iPad itself. I went on to have them grab three free apps and a free book […]

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iOS 4.0.2 Update, strongly recommended Apple has released iOS 4.0.2 update for iPhone and 3.2.2 for iPad. These updates fix the gaping security hole identified by the JailBreakMe tools, which may frustrate people who want to “Jailbreak” their phones, but the security patch is crucial; the odds are very good that someone more malicious would abuse the same holes […]

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