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Frustrations with unneeded iOS app upgrades

Most of the time the iOS application ecosystem works exactly the way you want it to. I back up my iPhone daily and my iPad weekly by plugging them into my laptop and frequently update all Apps that I have already “purchased” (mostly they are free) and everything is pretty current and generally works great. […]

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Silence is Golden

I have my phones all on the Do-Not-Call list, but there are always those who ignore the law and spam anyway. They tend to do it from the same numbers, and I have added them to my phone’s contact list and associated them with a custom ringtone that is 15 seconds of silence so I […]

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Find my iPhone

The Find my iPhone feature available on iPhones and iPads is very, very handy if you ever lose or misplace your phone. The catch is you have to turn the feature on before you lose the device. Once lost, it is too late. So take a few minutes and enable and test the feature when […]

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Verizon vs AT&T iPhone

CNet has a pretty good chart of AT&T vs Verizon iPhone: Of course they are not mentioning that 3G on AT&T is much faster than CDMA on Verizon, but phone coverage is much better on Verizon CDMA than it is on AT&T 3G. It comes down to mobile hot-spot vs data during a call; […]

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iOS 4.0.2 Update, strongly recommended Apple has released iOS 4.0.2 update for iPhone and 3.2.2 for iPad. These updates fix the gaping security hole identified by the JailBreakMe tools, which may frustrate people who want to “Jailbreak” their phones, but the security patch is crucial; the odds are very good that someone more malicious would abuse the same holes […]

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Lots of technology news today

As expected, Apple had their iPhone SDK event today where they announced version 3.0 for iPhone and iPod touches is coming this Summer (developers can get the beta SDK today). It will cost $9.95 for iPod touch owners, and it’s free for iPhone owners (probably subsidized by the subscription revenue from your phone plan). It […]

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Apple has an event next Tuesday (17th)

Looks like it is some sort of announcement/preview of a new iPhone SDK or perhaps a new iPhone OS upgrade/update. I gotta say, if they are considering releasing a new major revision (iPhone OS 3.0) without global search, cut and paste, the ability to synchronize notes between iPhone and Mac desktop; they need to delay. […]

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New Palm or iPhone as a PDA?

So, according to the “Palm Pins Its Hopes on Nova” article in BusinessWeek, Palm is about to release a new PDA operating system. I am interested because I still use my very old Palm Tungsten C device regularly, despite having an iPhone 3G now. The iPhone 3G is a fantastic mobile phone (perhaps the best […]

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Testing WordPress for iPhone

This is just a test, only a test of the iPhone WordPress application.

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Finally, Notes sync between iPhone and Computer

So I am fiddling around with a bit of commercial software in demo form and it looks like it will do exactly what I need the iPhone to do to mostly replace my Palm Tungsten C (finally). As a phone the iPhone is simply awesome. Best sound quality of any mobile phone I have ever […]

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