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iOS 4.0.2 Update, strongly recommended Apple has released iOS 4.0.2 update for iPhone and 3.2.2 for iPad. These updates fix the gaping security hole identified by the JailBreakMe tools, which may frustrate people who want to “Jailbreak” their phones, but the security patch is crucial; the odds are very good that someone more malicious would abuse the same holes […]

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Restart to upgrade Safari, really!?

Given all the stability problems I’ve had with Safari recently I was glad Apple announced a new, more stable version today (v5.0.1). I ran Software Update and two installs were suggested: Magic Trackpad and Multi-Touch Update 1.0 Safari 5.0.1 I agreed to both and Software Update downloaded them, then told me it needed to restart […]

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Web Inspector and Firebug rock web diagnostics

This is probably old news for web propellor heads out there; but if you are diagnosing website problems you should be using Firebug for Firefox and Web Inspector for Safari. They are amazing tools for measuring download times for every object on a page, analyzing the objects on that page, figuring out where the objects […]

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