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Really sophisticated email phishing scam claiming to be from Amazon

I have in my inbox two examples of the most sophisticated phishing scam emails I have ever seen. I only caught them because I always review full SMTP headers in my emails; and the return paths and from addressing did not match – these scam emails claim to be from Amazon Notification, and they have […]

Selenium browser automation makes testing websites easy

Selenium is a Firefox plug-in that lets you record your web activity and save those actions as a script that you can then play back over and over again measuring and timing the results. It is very useful for testing web sites. Simply install the plugin, start the Selenium IDE (Tools/Selenium), point Firefox at the […]

New form of Spam?

Looks like some firm is using digital Turk or some other work farming app/site to encourage blog spammers to rave about the Zune… my spam buckets are overflowing this week with pro-Zune comments from individuals who can’t write English, but don’t write alike either… Interesting development. For what it’s worth; my own opinion of the […]

MobileMe vs DreamHost or HostMonster Review

We’ve been pretty happy Dreamhost and MobileMe customers for years, and despite several MobileMe outages and a few Dreamhost outages we are pretty happy with both services. It is always wise to reassess your technology decisions though, as things do change. What we love about MobileMe: Absolutely fantastic web gallery for photos; best integration with […]

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Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Security Flaws

There is a pretty good write up of the dangers in allowing your browser to accept Cross Site Scripting (XSS) or allowing your web server to carry XSS here: Guardian Article on Javascript based XSS Twitter Hack The article mainly focuses on the recent Twitter exploit, and the dangers of server-side XSS exploits, but we […]

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Just in case….

If you really want to link to this website/blog, feel free. If you want this website to link to your own site, send me an email or comment indicating so and I’ll review the request, but I won’t respond. I am pretty sure that 99% of the link requests I get are spammers, but just […]

Malicious Javascripts Prevalent on Facebook

A recent trend in computer insecurity has been the growing prevalence of malicious javascripts with cross-site scripting hacks that exploit web browsers that are already logged into Facebook to do things to the user’s Facebook account they had no intention of doing. Cross-site scripting hacks are potentially dangerous because they take advantage of your being […]

Web Inspector and Firebug rock web diagnostics

This is probably old news for web propellor heads out there; but if you are diagnosing website problems you should be using Firebug for Firefox and Web Inspector for Safari. They are amazing tools for measuring download times for every object on a page, analyzing the objects on that page, figuring out where the objects […]

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Damned Spammers!!!

Vermin spammers! Over the weekend they figured out how to get by the older versions of WordPress with older versions of Akismet spam filter module/plug-in, so I came home from dance competition to discover hundreds of spams in my WordPress blog’s moderation queue and thousands that had been blocked. Making things worse a few guest […]

Net Neutrality

There’s quite a lot of confusion over the issues of “Net Neutrality” versus “Hands Off The Internet” on the talk shows, news blogs, and a very confused mainstream media. Part of the problem is that both camps have chosen extremely poor names for their own causes. In case anyone is wondering I am wholeheartedly endorsing […]