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New form of Spam?

Looks like some firm is using digital Turk or some other work farming app/site to encourage blog spammers to rave about the Zune… my spam buckets are overflowing this week with pro-Zune comments from individuals who can’t write English, but don’t write alike either… Interesting development. For what it’s worth; my own opinion of the […]

Exploring Twitter

At a glance Twitter appears to be just like status updates in Facebook, but with none of the other junk. Just plain text from your friends and those you decide to follow. Doh! I should have been doing twitter all along and ignoring Facebook. If you care, I am scottdavidnolan on Twitter. I will NOT […]

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Deleted Facebook Account

Tired of being treated horribly I deleted my Facebook account. I’ll miss folks, but it just was not worth it anymore.

Violent Political Rhetoric

Mark says this far better than I can, there is no balance in violent political rhetoric… It’s nearly all coming from the Republicans and their political allies. Violent Political Rhetoric? Look Right.

We must find a way to better scrutinize US Congress candidates

Last night’s election returns showed us a few things, and one of the most concerning to me is that crazy fringe candidates with no business in public office with grave responsibilities were able to slip through the public screening of a U.S. Congress district election in several districts last night; but largely they were unable […]

10 days of mind numbing comment spam attack

LJ and bloggers should be happy with their blogging service right now – for those excellent hosted services are hiding one of the longest steady comment spam attacks I’ve seen from you and your readers. Thank them (your hosted blog service provider), for this is annoying at the service level. My personal WordPress blog […]

Fake Steve nails it, again

I am not a fan of Mike Arrington; his babble in TechCrunch is often wrong; but he is doing investigative journalism here and digging to find out more details about why playing games on Facebook and MySpace can be hazardous. That the NY Times failed to even mention that there are serious concerns in their […]

Impressed with resilience of internet

As the current regime in Iran tries to shutdown the internet and new media methods of communication, it has been very impressive just how difficult it is to silence the people. The internet, even in a centralized theocracy, is profoundly resilient and able to work around various specific links being cut. The people are being […]

Complete failure of the mainstream media

So Iran’s election appears to be rigged. It looks like Mousavi won by a very large margin, and that Ahmadinejad came in a very distant third place (eg: only 5.69 million votes to over 19 million for Mousavi and well over 13 million for Karoubi); and that despite the obviously clear to the public victory […]

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Extortion Spam!?

This is new… I am getting blog comment spam (caught in Akismet filters, thankfully) on my WordPress blog that claims I can stop this particular spamming my blog if I send them an email and some money…. I suggest the extortion minded-spammer not hold his or her breath awaiting my response… In fact, I am […]

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