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Wow – visualizing the massive scale of global shipping is interesting

We live in amazing times indeed where planetary shipping can be visualized like this… Created by London-based data visualisation studio Kiln and the UCL Energy Institute

Occupy movement is a cause, or an effect?

Wow, very thoughtful and though-provoking essay by professor Robert Jenson; worth reading and thinking about…. Occupy movement is more than just a flash in the pan.

Stuxnet and Cyber-Warfare

VanityFair has a new, easier to read story about the Stuxnet virus and cuber-warfare: A Declaration of Cyber-War

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Is the torch of democracy getting picked up by others?

Tom Engelhardt of rarely disappoints and this Tomgram is particularly poignant: Tomgram: Engelhardt, Washington’s Echo Chamber (Feb 24th, 2011) Freedom is never free, it must be earned, and fought for. It is clear that even after toppling several dictators, the people of Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya have a long struggle ahead of them, but […]

Evil is going to war and killing people for personal gain…

Defector admits to WMD lies that triggered Iraq war The WMD lies were made up, and the Bush administration knew it in mid-year 2000, and deliberately hid the knowledge and locked their source up so he could not talk until their highly profitable little war and fleecing of the American taxpayer was well underway. Evil, […]

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Anger and Civic Responsibility

Twenty years ago today, was the angriest I remember being in my entire life. I was at a friend’s house going over SCA heraldic arms submissions with a friend and our host, when our host’s wife shouted down (we were in the basement) to turn on the news. All channels were broadcasting that the United […]


Computer Security and Global Security, Windows Virus?

There are some very interesting developments in the news regarding the Stuxnet virus. I confess that I mostly ignored this virus, like most computer viruses, when it came out as it appeared to impact only computers running the Windows operating system. It turns out I was wrong, it actually uses Windows to spread itself, but […]

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Harry Reid did not need to apologize

I completely agree with Sandy Banks when she writes “It’s not Harry Reid who should be apologizing“, it’s Michael Steele. There is nothing racist in what Harry Reid said. Perhaps it is a bit cynical of the American public, which is dangerous ground for a publicly elected official, but it’s also an accurate and damning […]

Sullivan on why Iran matters

This essay/posting by Andrew Sullivan is a must read on why the events happening in Iran right now are so important to the whole world: It is worth reading in it’s entirety. Freedom is not a gift that can be given and democracy is not something that can be forced on someone. Both have […]

Complete failure of the mainstream media

So Iran’s election appears to be rigged. It looks like Mousavi won by a very large margin, and that Ahmadinejad came in a very distant third place (eg: only 5.69 million votes to over 19 million for Mousavi and well over 13 million for Karoubi); and that despite the obviously clear to the public victory […]

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