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Harry Reid did not need to apologize

I completely agree with Sandy Banks when she writes “It’s not Harry Reid who should be apologizing“, it’s Michael Steele.

There is nothing racist in what Harry Reid said. Perhaps it is a bit cynical of the American public, which is dangerous ground for a publicly elected official, but it’s also an accurate and damning representation of the current state of race relations in the United States.

I notice that ABC has gone pretty fully right wing on this one (perhaps because Reid is no friend of big business?) and is digging up turmoil over this non-story as much as they can. When did ABC become Fox?

Along with Michael Steele, two sitting United States Senators need to apologize for overstepping their bounds and interfering with the executive branch setting foreign policy. Senators Lieberman and McCain are backing Netanyahu and undermining not only the sitting president’s foreign policy but that of the first George Bush. We elect our president to do foreign policy, and that is not supposed to be the job of our senators. They should apologize and step down from public office as neither has done much of use for years and years.

Update: “Talking about racism does not make you racist; advocating racism does.”

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