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How integrated is the greater Washington area?

One of the things I like best about the greater Washington area is how integrated we are… For years I have been comparing our local stomping grounds favorably to places like Chicago (a lovely city) where the blocks are clearly black or white and even those blocks are clearly one ethnic group or another. Perhaps I was wrong:

The river between Milk and Tyler post on the excellent Greater Greater Washington blog alludes to racial divide based on Netflix rental queue data as revealed in the New York Times interactive map.

So I guess we are not as diversified and integrated as I thought, which saddens me a little, at least for those using Netflix to rent movies. Hell, I had not even heard of nearly half the movies on the NY Times article.

Of course, there is the purely amusing question of why the heck is “Yes Man” so popular at Andrews and Ft Meade?

There are other cities on the NY Times interactive site, enjoy.

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