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Trump, the GOP, and The Fall

This is absolutely brilliantly written and worded; and expresses exactly my feelings on the current election and self-destruction of the Republican party… I confess I never know if I should cheer on that self-destruction, or lament the loss of a reasonable and rational counterpoint to the Democratic party, which does need a healthy check against […]

Computer Literacy Bookstore turned Indian Restaurant

I attended Sun Microsystem’s DC area reveal of the brand new Java and dancing Duke mascot at a Computer Literacy bookstore in the late 1990s… I just had lunch in the same spot which is now an Indian restaurant called Bombay Tandoor. Memories are funny things, I could actually still see (in my imagination) the […]

Occupy movement is a cause, or an effect?

Wow, very thoughtful and though-provoking essay by professor Robert Jenson; worth reading and thinking about…. Occupy movement is more than just a flash in the pan.

Where are the jobs bills?

Republicans have controlled congress for the past 8 months; yet there is not even one attempted jobs bill nor even one attempted bill to try ending the recession. They have not even tried and been vetoed or rejected in the Senate… they simply have not tried. Clearly Republicans, at least the ones in office now, […]

Why Has No One on Wall Street Gone to Jail (Yet)?


Just the Simple Truth

The truth is neither harsh nor forgiving; it simply is. It probably seems quite harsh to those who refuse to live with it or observe it though; I remain unsympathetic. Just the Simple Truth about President Obama’s speech on April 13th, 2011.

Should corporations be considered individuals by the law?

There are many reasons I do not think that corporations should have the same rights as individual persons. Corporations are effectively not subject to the effects of aging, they can have virtually unlimited resources, they dodge personal responsibility by selectively using scape-goats/layoffs/contractors, and they can effectively dodge taxation by getting subsidies or tax-breaks that ordinary […]

Lies and Misleading the Voters

How Obama Enables Rush: President Obama lowered taxes. Why doesn’t the country know that? Rick Perlstein on how Rush Limbaugh helped mislead a nation—and why the Democrats let him get away with it. I think this is an interesting read about how the public can so easily be misled by lies, stated confidently… and left […]

This is one reason Fox is propaganda

The deliberate misrepresentation of data to manipulate it’s viewers: Media Matters “Worst chart I’ve seen all day” The Republicans have Fox and the Soviets have Pravda.

Excellent article in Rolling Stone

This may be the best bit of journalism publish in the United States in two decades… excellent and valid criticism of our president and the corrupting power of giant multi-national corporations. Hat tip to “The Richmonder” on Blue Virginia for pointing the excellent article out.