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Tax bills in 2009 at lowest level since 1950

What are all those “Tea Party” folks up in arms about again? Yet more proof that we are about as far away from socialism as we’ve ever been, which is a sad thing, as socialism is literally caring for those around you. So I guess the search for what is really making all the […]

How integrated is the greater Washington area?

One of the things I like best about the greater Washington area is how integrated we are… For years I have been comparing our local stomping grounds favorably to places like Chicago (a lovely city) where the blocks are clearly black or white and even those blocks are clearly one ethnic group or another. Perhaps […]

Are college textbooks reasonably priced?

BoingBoing has a very interesting article: Prescription for consumers challenging academic textbook cartels that begins to address the issues surrounding over-priced college text books that students are being forced to pay for if they adhere to the “required text” portions of their class schedule. I recall from the mid-1980s that many texts were reasonably priced […]

Vote Today

If you are able to vote, and you do not; you have no right to complain about the government you get stuck with. Virginia polling stations are open 6am to 7pm today. Don’t chance it, get to the station plenty early.

A very open explanation of health care options

Here is a big picture article about health care options available around the world and (interestingly) all in some use here in the USA today… It helps put things in perspective anyway.

An imperfect man, an imperfect president, but the right path

The reason to vote for Obama, he says: “I will open the doors to government and ask you to be involved in your own democracy again.” If you have not seen his ~28 minute spot yet, you should. Even if you don’t plan to vote for Obama, the spot points out the things our government […]

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The Triumph of Socialism

Senator John McCain and the Republican party has tried very hard in these last few days of the 2008 election to paint Senator Barack Obama as a Socialist, claiming from a very old quote taken out of context, that as president Obama would try to “spread the wealth” and “raise your taxes.” This is particularly […]

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Quitting on Principles

It takes enormous courage to walk away from your job, your income on principles. I am impressed with these folks in Indiana: Dozens Of Call Center Workers Walk Off Job In Protest Rather Than Read McCain Script Attacking Obama It’s a hard thing to do in today’s (lack of) job market… I wish them well. […]

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Feder vs Wolf Debate

This is why I am voting for Judy Feder to be the next congressional representative from Virginia’s 10th district. Congressman Frank Wolf demonstrates how out of touch with reality he is. It is also particularly annoying to me, as a veteran, that Wolf does not support our veterans nor our troops like he should. His […]

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Negative Campaigns: Are they all the same?

The Obama campaign is running a negative campaign message on the internet. It is not the first, nor (likely) the last. Yet I see a very specific difference between the Obama campaign’s official messages and those of his opponents John McCain and Sarah Palin. His are factual and pertinent to the debate about wether his […]

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