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Election Day in Virginia, November 3rd, 2015

Quick reminder to all those in Virginia; it is election day tomorrow – state and local offices will be holding elections in every district in the state. Don’t forget to go vote. Where do I vote? Virginia State Board of Elections Voting Places What is on my ballot? Virginia State Board of Elections Ballot

Poor Website Design

I am disappointed with the new Virginia State Board of Elections website design. It should be easy for voters to figure out their voting place without putting any more personal information than an address. That this website would even attempt to collect last four of SSN and Voter ID number is insulting and a huge […]

Want to run for Governor of Virginia?

I sense a golden opportunity for 3rd party candidates in Virginia this year; neither Cuccinelli nor McAuliffe excites people in a positive way, they are both reviled and exciting only negatively. The turnout in Virginia’s off-cycle elections is always low, and at it’s lowest the year after a presidential election that has exhausted the voters; […]

Virginia General Elections November 8th

In just nine days every registered Virginia voter will be able to cast ballots in the first state-wide general election since redistricting from the 2010 United States Census. Remember to check with the board of elections to find out your ballot before you vote so you have time to research your choices, or lack thereof. […]

Virginia State Elections, 2011

Here is what I have found out about my choices so far for the November 8th General Election (all state delegates, many state senators, and many local county and city offices up for election): I am in a new House of Delegates district because of the 2010 U.S. Census and redistricting, the new district is […]


Re-Districting has put me into HoD 87?

I am having a hell of a lot of trouble finding out anything about November’s Virginia-wide general elections, including what Districts I am in now that the 2010 Census has been used to re-district all the lines in the state. It looks like I am now in House of Delegates District 87 (used to be […]

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Odd – no candidates for November’s election?

The next major election in Virginia is this November where we get to vote for state legislature and local politicians… This morning the State Board of Elections website says there are “No Qualified Candidates” for any of the offices in my county, that’s a little surprising this close to the election. State Board of Elections […]


Thank You, Tom Perriello

Tom Perriello has been the best person in the United States congress for the past two years. He did not win re-election, but Virginia can be proud to have fielded a statesman such as Tom Perriello for the past two years. He has worked tirelessly and hard for good governance, civic responsibility, and justice. They […]

Election 2010 Endorsements

Barnett over Wolf… Wolf is a very long term incumbent with a very long public record of pandering to big corporations and Republican leadership; he is a sycophant to all the wrong people. He has huge support from his mostly clueless constituents (my fellow 10th district voters) which is horribly sad as they do not […]

Virginia Voters; Election Information

I am surprised to learn that there are three state constitution ballot questions on absentee voter ballots this year… Why is there nothing about this in the news? The state board of elections website has details: Proposed Constitutional Amendments To Be Voted on at the November 2, 2010, General Election Arlington Democrats support all three […]