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Election 2010 Endorsements

Barnett over Wolf… Wolf is a very long term incumbent with a very long public record of pandering to big corporations and Republican leadership; he is a sycophant to all the wrong people. He has huge support from his mostly clueless constituents (my fellow 10th district voters) which is horribly sad as they do not realize the harm he continues to do while glad-handling his constituents with a smile. Barnett is a hard-working veteran ready to make a stand for change and willing to actually represent the voters in the 10th… This is an easy choice.

Connolly over Fimian is a ludicrous match-up, and it shows how sick and ill-informed our voters are that Fimian is even on the ballot. I am not a huge Connolly fan, I actually disliked him strongly when he was Fairfax County Supervisor; but I have to say he has earned my grudging respect on most issues since he was elected to US Congress two years ago; and the alternative is just gross.

Moran over Murray… I actually like Jim Moran; yes he puts his foot in his mouth a lot, and says things that are politically unacceptable too often, but more often than not he is actually vindicated over time (though he probably should have picked better words). Most important, his long voting record tracks pretty consistent with how I’d like my own congress-critter to vote and that is what we are electing these people to do, is it not?

Waugh over Cantor is stunningly easy because Cantor is such an ass and putz. He’s as big an embarrassment to Virginia as Michele Bachmann is to Minnesota. That he was elected by the Republicans to be their minority whip shows how far the once Grand ole Party has fallen. Cantor needs to be put out to pasture, where he will still find ways to harm us all.

Ball over Wittman is an easy choice too, Wittman has been far less horrible than we thought when he first got elected; but that’s only because he’s been totally ineffective. The people of the 1st district need someone who will represent them, not sit back on his heels and collect a fat paycheck while doing nothing but sucking up to the Republican leadership. Krystal Ball has class, character, and is an altruist putting the needs of others ahead of herself.

As for the Virginia Constitutional Amendments; they are all silly. None of the phrases that are in the state constitution already should be there to begin with… however, we are stuck with a less than perfect document; we can at least make tiny incremental improvements to it. I plan to vote “Yes” to all three amendments; though I do it with less enthusiasm than I plan on voting for any congressional office.

Next year, we need to vote in the state elections and elect better legislature and state leadership to really fix our state constitution (which is no where near the model document the U.S. Constitution is).

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