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Virginia State Elections, 2011

Here is what I have found out about my choices so far for the November 8th General Election (all state delegates, many state senators, and many local county and city offices up for election):

I am in a new House of Delegates district because of the 2010 U.S. Census and redistricting, the new district is the 87th and because it is new there is no incumbent advantage. The Democratic party is deciding a candidate based on convention, but there is really only one person running for the Democrats for district 87 right now, and that is Mike Kondratick. The Republicans have a primary, August 23rd, to pick between Jo Ann Chase (Tea Party whackjob) and David Ramadan (club-for-growth anti-tax guy); who will then run against Mike Kondratick.

I am also in a new State Senate district, the new 13th district and once again there is no incumbent advantage. The Democratic party is deciding based on convention again and the only person running appears to be Shawn Mitchell. The Republicans are using the August 23rd primary to choose between Dick Black (yeah, the plastic fetus guy), John T. Stirrup (current anti-immigration ass-hat in Prince William County), and Bob FitzSimmonds (Kook-in-elli’s henchman and anti-immigration idiot); who will then run against Shawn Mitchell.

It looks like my U.S. Congressional district is still the 10th, so I will continue to fight to replace Frank Wolf who is not good for veterans, education, nor people being yet another corporate shill doing the bidding of big-business lobbyists every chance he gets.

Prince William County has a Republican Primary Election on August 23rd, the deadline for new voter registration is August 1st.

Within Prince William County it looks like Babur B Lateef of the Democratic Party and John S Gray an independent candidate will be challenging incumbent Republican Corey A. Stewart for the office of chairman of the county board of supervisors.

There are also races for each county supervisor seat, I am still in the Gainesville district where there are five Republicans running in the August 23rd primary to face off against Democratic candidate Ann Wheeler. The Republicans seeking to replace John Stirrup (who has, as predicted, run off to seek State Senate office) are:
Martha W. Hendley, Steven M. Botello, Suzanne N. Miller (campaigning on job creation and education, unusual for a Republican), Peter K. Candland, and Michael J. High. You know as much about them as I do so far…
A few of them don’t have websites that I can find (yet) so I linked to their VPAP contributions page.

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