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Virginia General Elections November 8th

In just nine days every registered Virginia voter will be able to cast ballots in the first state-wide general election since redistricting from the 2010 United States Census. Remember to check with the board of elections to find out your ballot before you vote so you have time to research your choices, or lack thereof.

Virginia Board of Elections

If you are unsure of your district, or where to vote – you can enter your County or City and Address on this website and find out about your districts and voting location:

What’s on My Ballot

All polling places will be open from 6am to 7pm on Tuesday, November 8th.

Many state senate offices are being challenged. All state legislature delegates are up for re-election. Many county and city offices are also having elections.

These state and local elections have very far reaching impacts as the redistricting was decided by the winners of the last set of state and local elections, and the winners can shift the balance in the U.S. Congress by several seats per state each redistricting. It is one of the failures of our democracy, but one we have to live with until we amend the constitution.

Go vote and make your voice heard, even if your vote is for “None of the above.”

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