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Virginia Voters; Election Information

I am surprised to learn that there are three state constitution ballot questions on absentee voter ballots this year… Why is there nothing about this in the news?

The state board of elections website has details:
Proposed Constitutional Amendments To Be Voted on at the November 2, 2010, General Election

Arlington Democrats support all three amendment proposals:
Resolution on Constitutional Amendments

I am wondering why such details are even in the state constitution, since property taxes are usually a county or city issue in Virginia… I am also wondering why the state wants to increase the rainy day fund when it can’t even meet it’s budget…

By the way, most Virginia voters will get to vote for a candidate for United States Congress and three small changes to the state constitution. A few localities might also have school board or county elections as well.

I am sick of Congressman Wolf abusing his congressional franking privileges to send voters propaganda about himself before every election, so I am heartily and proudly supporting Jeff Barnett for Congress in our own district (10th). Jeff is a veteran and a real leader; I am sick of Wolf’s sycophantic pandering to the needs of big business and the religious right-wing.

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