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Vote Today

If you are able to vote, and you do not; you have no right to complain about the government you get stuck with.

Virginia polling stations are open 6am to 7pm today. Don’t chance it, get to the station plenty early.

Though I am mighty disappointed with the ads of both Creigh Deeds and Steve Shannon, I am very happy to vote for them and enthusiastically endorse them to all Virginians. I wish they had not gone negative in this off year election where getting out the vote is always critical; and I wish Shannon’s campaign had not pandered to fear-mongering that is normally the stuff of Rove-advised Republican campaigns; but in both cases I genuinely like the candidate and think they will be good in their office. They are also both running against the wing-nuttiest theocrats we’ve seen in a while.

I am less certain of Bolling vs Wagner. Wagner was not my first choice for this slot from the Democratic side, and though I do not like Bill Bolling’s stand on most issues; I do respect him. I will probably vote Wagner, but cannot endorse either.

The delegate’s race in my district is easy; I am thrilled to both vote for and endorse John Bell. He has run a positive campaign and it long overdue that we reject the insanity that has been our delegate for far too many years.

  • Deeds
  • Wagner
  • Shannon
  • Bell

I will also be following the Werkheiser vs Albo race, and heartily endorse Greg Werkheiser for delegate.

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