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Perplexed by a Bumper Sticker

On the way out do run a few errands, Erci and I noticed this odd bumper sticker on a fairly new Nissan Maxima driven by a young woman along U.S. route 50 in Chantilly, VA. Someone had clearly either taped over or blackened out the McCain portion of this McCain/Palin bumper sticker. I am left […]

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Something Wrong with Alaska Election?

I was myself following the extremely close race in Alaska and found it quite odd that so far there are only about 210,000 votes total for both senate candidates in Alaska; and while looking at close congressional races I found most of them have had around 300,000 votes cast… At first I chalked it up […]

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Every Vote Counts

One of the more frequent excuses I hear from citizens who choose not to vote is that their vote will not matter. Well, if yesterday’s election proved something, it is that that excuse is completely invalid. As it approaches a full day after polls closed we still have: no clear winner of the races for […]

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Well this is a first! Evergreen Fire Station polling place full!

Arrived just before 6 am and parking lot is over full (to the point it is a minor safety hazard) and there is a long line. Line was entirely indoors by 7:15am, but the steady trickle of voters is still impressive in this very rural precinct. Beth Roemmelt and I are greeting voters as they […]

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Go Vote!

Just a reminder. I could not sleep last night because I was so excited.

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Pro-Life folks, listen up

I keep getting libelous emails from anonymous (cowardly) lie-spreaders trying to stir up fear and uncertainty about Senator Obama. They seem to have a few common themes, but here is one that really annoys me because they are destroying an ally… I am talking about the “Obama is a baby-killer” myth. Barack Obama has made […]

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An imperfect man, an imperfect president, but the right path

The reason to vote for Obama, he says: “I will open the doors to government and ask you to be involved in your own democracy again.” If you have not seen his ~28 minute spot yet, you should. Even if you don’t plan to vote for Obama, the spot points out the things our government […]

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The Triumph of Socialism

Senator John McCain and the Republican party has tried very hard in these last few days of the 2008 election to paint Senator Barack Obama as a Socialist, claiming from a very old quote taken out of context, that as president Obama would try to “spread the wealth” and “raise your taxes.” This is particularly […]

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Election Predictions

This is just something silly to do, like participating in a football pool… Here are my revised predictions for the outcome of the election: Obama with 393 electoral votes and 57% of popular vote; surprise states include: GA, ND, NC, IN, MO, WV. The battleground is provably changed because the dynamic is changed. I think […]

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Feder vs Wolf Debate

This is why I am voting for Judy Feder to be the next congressional representative from Virginia’s 10th district. Congressman Frank Wolf demonstrates how out of touch with reality he is. It is also particularly annoying to me, as a veteran, that Wolf does not support our veterans nor our troops like he should. His […]

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