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Theft of public resources for private profit

The events going on in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana have nothing to do with state budgets. It is all about busting up the public sector unions and privatizing energy utilities through non-bid auctions to give the Koch brothers monopolies. It is an alliance between Republicans and the filthy rich to exploit everyone else and hang […]

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Evil is going to war and killing people for personal gain…

Defector admits to WMD lies that triggered Iraq war The WMD lies were made up, and the Bush administration knew it in mid-year 2000, and deliberately hid the knowledge and locked their source up so he could not talk until their highly profitable little war and fleecing of the American taxpayer was well underway. Evil, […]

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Intolerance or Election?

There is a whole lot of hoopla about a Muslim community center in lower Manhattan dominating the news, the blogs, and the political zeitgeist of America for several weeks now. One of my friends aptly calls the whole fiasco horseshit… and he’s correct… but I think it is manufactured horseshit. I don’t think people are […]

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By the lobbyists for the corporations…

For years now I have picked up and repeated the Adbusters/BuyNothing crowd’s chant of “by the lobbyists for the corporations” as a cynical replacement of “by the people for the people” that we were taught in school when I grew up. Larry Lessig gives a brilliant presentation on exactly why this change has been so […]

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Save the Rich! Tea-baggers explained…

So after weeks of Faux News media hype and pushing of these events, after millions spent advertising and preparing for the “Tea Parties” – only a few hundred show up at most parties and a few thousand at a few. Furthermore, the participants appeared to have difficulty staying on message and stating any facts correctly. […]

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Bigotry no Sanction, Persecution no Assistance

I believe those are the words of George Washington, who recognized that our democracy would not survive on tolerance only, that we needed liberty. We cannot tolerate the intolerant, which appears on a shallow level to be an oxymoron, but on a deeper level is a fundamental and self-evident truth. Fear is a mind-killer. Fear […]

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Reminder to Fairfax County Voters

There is a second special election for all of Fairfax County to elect a new Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. This one is scheduled for February 3rd, and turnout should be a little better. According to the Fairfax county board of elections, the ballot will look like: Sharon Bulova Patrick Herrity Carey Campbell Christopher […]

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Special Elections in Fairfax County and Alexandria

Sorry this is such short notice, but for those of you who live in the 46th House of Delegates District (Skyline area of Fairfax County, and Western City of Alexandria), you have a special election tomorrow, January 13th, to replace Delegate Brian Moran who is running for Governor. Your ballot will be: Charniele Herring (D) […]

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Deeply Concerned about Obama’s choice of Rick Warren

Rick Warren is an obnoxious slime, that is pretty much self-evident to anyone capable of independent thought. He is, at first calculation, a horrible choice to have speak publicly at any inauguration (even a conservative one). The fact that Obama has chosen him to speak at this inauguration has mystified me for several days. It […]

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Pro-Life folks, listen up

I keep getting libelous emails from anonymous (cowardly) lie-spreaders trying to stir up fear and uncertainty about Senator Obama. They seem to have a few common themes, but here is one that really annoys me because they are destroying an ally… I am talking about the “Obama is a baby-killer” myth. Barack Obama has made […]

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