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Special Elections in Fairfax County and Alexandria

Sorry this is such short notice, but for those of you who live in the 46th House of Delegates District (Skyline area of Fairfax County, and Western City of Alexandria), you have a special election tomorrow, January 13th, to replace Delegate Brian Moran who is running for Governor.

Your ballot will be:

Blue Commonwealth has a map of the district in case you are not sure. The district trends Democratic by a very wide margin, but in a special election for just one local seat the turnout is likely to be abysmally low and the Republicans have a pretty good shot at an upset win here. Please vote if you are in the district.

There is a second special election for all of Fairfax County to elect a new Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. This one is scheduled for February 3rd, and turnout should be a little better. According to the Fairfax county board of elections, the ballot will look like:

One of the more amusing aspects of this race is that Patrick Herrity (a Republican McCain supporter) is running as far away from his Republican identity as he can. His signs are in green and white and yellow, and his message has been all about change. In a local election, party affiliation will not be on the ballot; but it’s pretty clear that the Democrats are mostly backing Sharon Bulova and the Republicans are mostly backing Pat Herrity. I could not find a campaign website for either of the other two candidates; and it appears to be a two way race despite four names being on the ballot.

Get out and vote if you are in these local areas.

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