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Intolerance or Election?

There is a whole lot of hoopla about a Muslim community center in lower Manhattan dominating the news, the blogs, and the political zeitgeist of America for several weeks now.

One of my friends aptly calls the whole fiasco horseshit… and he’s correct… but I think it is manufactured horseshit.

I don’t think people are really all that offended by any new house of worship, or religiously sponsored community centers… I think this is a very carefully targeted and manufactured wedge issue meant to simultaneously depress mainstream American voters so they have lower voter turnout numbers this November 2nd while exciting the lunatic fringe haters so they are encouraged to vote because they are angry about something.

If everyone votes, it completely diffuses this sort of insanity.

Just like many other manufactured distractions, the facts don’t support the claims and assertions of the talking heads.

It’s not a mosque. It’s not that close to the former world trade center. Sufis (the sponsors for this community center) are generally not terrorists. Americans largely don’t really care in any case. Most of the blowhards talking loudest about this have the least facts (which is typical also for these manufactured wedge issues). Move on America… and remember to vote in November, when you don’t vote you let the most politically motivated on all sides have their say unchallenged. Be the voice of moderation and speak your mind.

Update: turns out I am not the only one who finds all this hoopla suspect, a friend pointed this out: Salon article “How the “ground zero mosque” fear mongering began”

Update 2: on a more humorous note: Outrage Over Plans To Build Library Next To Sarah Palin

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