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Deeply Concerned about Obama’s choice of Rick Warren

Rick Warren is an obnoxious slime, that is pretty much self-evident to anyone capable of independent thought. He is, at first calculation, a horrible choice to have speak publicly at any inauguration (even a conservative one). The fact that Obama has chosen him to speak at this inauguration has mystified me for several days. It […]

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The Triumph of Socialism

Senator John McCain and the Republican party has tried very hard in these last few days of the 2008 election to paint Senator Barack Obama as a Socialist, claiming from a very old quote taken out of context, that as president Obama would try to “spread the wealth” and “raise your taxes.” This is particularly […]

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First Positive Message from McCain!

It’s October 17th, at 6:24 am Eastern, on News8 and I just saw the first positive campaign message advertisement I’ve seen from John McCain this election. In this ad, Senator McCain does not even mention Senator Obama. It’s ironic that a positive campaign ad shows up after the debates are over, and I think it […]

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What will this year’s October Surprise be?

So we are nearly half-way through the last month before the General Election. I have been pondering what this year’s “October Surprise” might be, and I stumbled over this excellent article by by Rany Jazayerli: Will Bin Laden Strike Again? I have also been perplexed that McCain’s campaign has been throwing everything they’ve got at […]

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Negative Campaigns: Are they all the same?

The Obama campaign is running a negative campaign message on the internet. It is not the first, nor (likely) the last. Yet I see a very specific difference between the Obama campaign’s official messages and those of his opponents John McCain and Sarah Palin. His are factual and pertinent to the debate about wether his […]

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Obama Campaign has an iPhone application!?

Wow – Obama has an iPhone application: Interesting use of technology. I wonder if those same features can be made available to volunteers who do not have an iPhone (which I suspect is most of them).

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