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Intolerance or Election?

There is a whole lot of hoopla about a Muslim community center in lower Manhattan dominating the news, the blogs, and the political zeitgeist of America for several weeks now. One of my friends aptly calls the whole fiasco horseshit… and he’s correct… but I think it is manufactured horseshit. I don’t think people are […]

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One of my nieces is going to tour Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia as a possible school to attend next year. How does one share with a young person the horrible reputation of the place without discouraging them? This should be a time of hope, adventure, and learning… and yet I cannot in good conscience […]

You’ll find my lack of faith disturbing…

You may be shocked to learn that I simply do not believe Bob McDonnell when he disavows his own controversial thesis ideology. McDonnell has be amazingly firm in his commitment to those right-wing ideals throughout nearly all of his long political career. It is either commendable or laughable that in 18 years of politics, over […]

Bigotry no Sanction, Persecution no Assistance

I believe those are the words of George Washington, who recognized that our democracy would not survive on tolerance only, that we needed liberty. We cannot tolerate the intolerant, which appears on a shallow level to be an oxymoron, but on a deeper level is a fundamental and self-evident truth. Fear is a mind-killer. Fear […]

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Deeply Concerned about Obama’s choice of Rick Warren

Rick Warren is an obnoxious slime, that is pretty much self-evident to anyone capable of independent thought. He is, at first calculation, a horrible choice to have speak publicly at any inauguration (even a conservative one). The fact that Obama has chosen him to speak at this inauguration has mystified me for several days. It […]

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Pro-Life folks, listen up

I keep getting libelous emails from anonymous (cowardly) lie-spreaders trying to stir up fear and uncertainty about Senator Obama. They seem to have a few common themes, but here is one that really annoys me because they are destroying an ally… I am talking about the “Obama is a baby-killer” myth. Barack Obama has made […]

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About McCain’s Choice for Running Mate…

I am completely stunned… insulted, surprised, and in disbelief…. Am I the only person who thinks it is completely unacceptable for any strict Creationist to be seriously considered for the office of President of the United States? Blueweeds has a more thoughtful summary, it is well worth a read: This is more evidence of […]

Weekend in Philadelphia

Saturday Erci drove us up to Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia to stay at the posh Rittenhouse Hotel for a couple of nights. We’ll be visiting with Tasha (she took us to a restaurant Jim recommended). This hotel is posh. We were welcomed with champaign and strawberries. Our suite is like a small apartment. They brought […]

This is just awesome!

I know it’s a paid for commercial for the music group “The Bastard Fairies” and that it was all scripted, but the truths coming out of this little girl’s mouth are so profound and so awesome that I had to share it. Also, the band is giving away their first album in MP3 format and […]

Everyone is “partner” now

In protest over the bigotry of the Marshall/Newman amendment to Virginia’s constitution, and in support of all our gay and lesbian friends, Erci and I have decided to stop calling each other husband and wife. Henceforth we shall call each other domestic partner instead, and we shall introduce each other to people we meet as […]