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About McCain’s Choice for Running Mate…

I am completely stunned… insulted, surprised, and in disbelief….

Am I the only person who thinks it is completely unacceptable for any strict Creationist to be seriously considered for the office of President of the United States?

Blueweeds has a more thoughtful summary, it is well worth a read:

This is more evidence of horribly bad judgement on the part of Senator McCain.

I know, she is not the candidate – he is; but given his age, and the fact that we are a nation at war, the choice of vice president actually does matter…


  • She admits she does not know the first thing about what the job of vice president entails.
  • As Governor of Alaska she tried to push the teaching of Creationism in public schools.
  • She fought to keep funding for the infamous bridge to nowhere (so much for that bogus entry in wikipedia that described her as a reformer)
  • She is avidly pro-life
  • She fought to prevent same sex couples from getting benefits for their non-working partners in Alaska
  • Her record on the environment is horrible
  • Her lack of experience, while acceptable to me in general, blatantly shows how little respect McCain and his handlers have for the intelligence of the American voter. Her experience pales compared to Obama’s, yet McCain and his cronies feel free to attack Obama and still propose Palin for V.P.?!?!?

This is not just bad judgement folks, it is risky (McCain could be elected, and could die in office), and it is insulting. McCain is telling us all he just does not give a crap what we think.

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