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You’ll find my lack of faith disturbing…

You may be shocked to learn that I simply do not believe Bob McDonnell when he disavows his own controversial thesis ideology. McDonnell has be amazingly firm in his commitment to those right-wing ideals throughout nearly all of his long political career. It is either commendable or laughable that in 18 years of politics, over the 20 years since that thesis was written, Bob McDonnell did not change one bit until he began actively campaigning for the governor’s office. No growth, no admission of error, no reversal until suddenly his extreme views become baggage for seeking higher office. I find that reprehensible, calculated, dishonest, and way too convenient to be believed. Sorry Bob; you can’t run from your past that easily unless you really have forgotten it.

If you’d written that thesis then gradually changed over the years, I might find it a fiction harder to dismiss; but you didn’t. You have been opposed to privacy, humanity, education, and equality for a very long time; I do not believe that you have suddenly seen the light. Your “heavenly lies” will not work on this unbeliever. As recently as 2001 you voted against equal pay for women. You actively pursued at least 10 of the goals in your thesis that you now disavow throughout your 14 years in the general assembly. While in the assembly, you voted to forbid private companies from extending insurance benefits to domestic partners. That is not even government’s place!

Where are my Libertarian friends? Call this “government should only be big to monitor your bedroom” clown out and help defeat him.

Where is the outrage about McDonnell’s positions on women’s rights and equality in the work place?

I am offended as a Buddhist by McDonnell’s theocratic ideals. I am offended as a married man by McDonnell’s treatment of women and gay friends. I am offended as a former divorcee by McDonnell’s attempt to make it hard for people who have made a mistake to correct their own mistake at minimal expense (No Fault Divorce).

It is outrageous that either of the two major parties in our country can even think of backing this man. It is also completely unbelievable that McDonnell’s sudden shift towards more moderate positions is so perfectly timed to coincide with his serious run for the governor’s office.

He is clearly dishonest and is not even apologetic about it. It is also scary the kinds of ideals that Regent University’s propaganda agenda in education fosters.

Update: wow, I wish I had read Vivian Paige’s excellent posting on the same subject before I wrote this, she is far more eloquent than I am, and her posting on Bob McDonnell’s World is definitely worth a reading.

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