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Something Wrong with Alaska Election?

I was myself following the extremely close race in Alaska and found it quite odd that so far there are only about 210,000 votes total for both senate candidates in Alaska; and while looking at close congressional races I found most of them have had around 300,000 votes cast… At first I chalked it up to the extremely small population in Alaska that would make a US Senator have a smaller contingent pool than most US Congressmen.

Oh, wait – there may be reason to suspect some other explanation:
Perhaps it was stolen?

This is scary stuff and all the more reason that the new government (or even the current one before it leaves office) should make it a priority to nationalize, rationalize and make more transparent and verifiable our entire election process.

A stolen election in Alaska does not impact who is President, this time; but it does impact who is Senator and who is Congressman from Alaska. Polling there was either way off by a uniform 14.4% for all three offices (it was not off by more than 4% anywhere but Alaska) or thousands of people spontaneously decided just to skip this one (but 11% lower turnout than 2004?!?!?!), or someone is pulling a fast one.

We need to collectively take steps to eliminate all doubts that our votes will be counted.

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