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Squeee! Jewel Staite sighting on Wonderfalls

One of the holiday gifts I got was the DVD boxed set of Wonderfalls TV shows. It’s entertaining dialogue by Tim Minear and others. I am into the third disk when Jewel Staite makes her appearance as “Heidi” at the very end of the first episode on the disk. In other news, I saw Alan […]

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Amusing personal

I love the writing for this listing: Damn – some fool had the ad removed, here is the text for the fun of it: What a shame – I will grab the text from the buffer on my browser – it’s just a funny ad for a loveseat… Congratulations on clicking the best link […]

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The Cuteness, it is too much!!!!

This looks like fun! For those without embedded Flash ability: Hat tip to Johnny Hunter.

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Election Predictions

This is just something silly to do, like participating in a football pool… Here are my revised predictions for the outcome of the election: Obama with 393 electoral votes and 57% of popular vote; surprise states include: GA, ND, NC, IN, MO, WV. The battleground is provably changed because the dynamic is changed. I think […]

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