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New Yorker Endorses Obama

The New Yorker has endorsed, and it is worth the read. New Yorker Endorses Obama They explain, in good detail why this election is so important, and why Obama is the man for the job.

Congressional Elections: Virginia

It is very important that we replace the current congress with some fresh ideas, new attitudes, and a willingness to work with President Obama in the new government in order to get the change we need for our country and our world. That means targeting elected congress-critters who have been voting with the Bush administration, […]

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It’s highly entertaining to watch the childish melodrama exhibited by many of our elected congressional “leaders” and their equally childish counterparts in the financial markets. These people (the news pundits, the politicians, and the investors) should all grow some intestinal fortitude, slow down, take a breath, and think through the financial crisis and so-called bailout […]

John McCain is unfit for high office

Senator John McCain is telling lies for personal gain. That shows a lack of integrity. Integrity is the most crucial moral characteristic that every holder of high office must have. Clearly demonstrating a lack of integrity means that not only should McCain be disqualified from running for President, he should also be forced to resign […]

Poetic Justice or Delicious Irony?

This is just too freaking funny to be missed: Tax Cuts Help Porn Industry It brings a whole new meaning to the words “Economic Stimulus Package” doesn’t it? Ruins my plan to invest it all in European companies and the Obama campaign, but it’s still kind of fun to imagine the heads of the Christianists […]

Obama an elitist? BUZZZZ (wrong)

Hat tip to AMERICAblog for this excellent video, in short; Clinton and McCain are the pots calling the kettle black here: Obama’s response is to tell it like it really is: So the interesting question is can millions of social issues voters wake up and see that in 28 years the so-called social issues party […]

Funny Video, but also poignant

Some friends and I are concerned about some element of this being insensitive, perhaps the day-laborer stereotype; but I think that helps convey the point, and it adds irony in a sadistic way that the only person secure in their job is willing to work as a driver, and that says something about our Walmart […]

Are Gas and Oil prices high?

Are Gas and Oil prices high? Or, is it just that the U.S. dollar is losing value? A joke going around the internet today is “Behold the new U.S. $3 bill: – and it has a picture of a 2 Euro coin… sort of brings an interesting point home.

David Swensen’s advice to investors

I heard a story on All Things Considered (NPR) about David Swensen at Yale. Apparently David Swensen manages Yale’s investments for it’s endowment fund, and he’s been doing an incredible job of it for over 20 years. He has some pretty sound and practical advice for investors up on the NPR website and a book […]

Economics and Politics

Barry Ritholtz has a very interesting write up on why financial markets like coalition governments so much over at The Big Picture, it makes an interesting read if you are into relationships between capitol markets and politics.