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Move to DreamHost

Well, after weeks of shopping around and days of fiddling with RedHat 9 and Centos (linux distributions) I decided to host my personal website at DreamHost. They have an excellent deal allowing you to host several domains on one account for only $9.95/month ($7.95/month if you sign up for 2 years), and that includes a […]


Wired magazine has a pretty interesting article about the Passion of the Flying Spaghetti Monster online right now, it mentions the upcoming Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster book (expected in March) and has a short interview with Bobby Henderson wherein he mentions that proceeds from the book and Venganza website are funding the construction […]

Anime Earthsea?

Random web surfing last night led me to the Studio Ghibli website, and it looks to me like they may be working on an Anime version of Ursula K. LeGuin‘s wonderful Earthsea Trilogy, or parts of it (my Japanese is rusty). The author has nothing about Ghibli on her website as of this writing, but […]

Sexy Saturnalia To You!

There has been a lot of hoopla raised by the usual goof-ball rabble rousers (mostly that coward Bill O’Reilly over at Faux-News and the so-called American Family Association) about some supposed war on Christmas. At first I thought this was some sort of joke, and that the goof-balls were just ranting out of sheer spite, […]

Holiday Parties

Saturday sutragirl and I went to three holiday parties. We started at Bruce and Beth Roemmelt’s Holiday/post-Campaign party where we ran into a lot of the Prince William County Democrats and had a great time. One of the strange and interesting surprises was the number of politically active Democratic organizers who are, or used to […]


A few months ago I volunteered 2 hours of my time as a computer geek to a charity auction, and lovely L.G. won the auction. So Saturday morning found me helping her with her IBM Thinkpad A20m (P3 @700MHz, 256MB, 40GB, XGA, Win2000 Pro). I found myself impressed with the hardware, that this laptop made […]


Really large flakes of snow just started to fall outside my home office window here near Gilbert’s corners. It is very pretty, but I supposed I’ll have to drive in through this and that will be less than fun.


The Washington Post is hosting a new service online, you can now track the voting record of your elected U.S. officials (Congress and Senate) at this marvelous new site. This is awesome because it makes it trivially easy to track how effectively your elected official is actually representing you to your government. Step up to […]

Aeon Flux

I am pleasantly surprised that Aeon Flux turned out to be pretty good. Pleasant, fun, and fast; a decent adaptation with surprisingly good dialogue. Marton Csokas really shines as Trevor Goodchild, and both Charlize Theron (Aeon Flux) and Sophie Okonedo (Sithandra) are very watch-able throughout the flick. Plenty of eye-candy for the tight-fitting clothing fans, […]

Earth to America

I am not usually a big Will Ferrell fan, but his recent jabs at the current occupant of the oval office are hysterically funny and dead on the money! Check out this clip from for a really good example of why so many of us can’t take the president seriously.