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Digitizing Old Record Albums

I used to collect records, both for myself and as material for a part time job as a DJ at weddings and parties. I amassed a sizable collection (perhaps 800 albums, though I have not counted). A lot of that was collecting other people’s collections when they converted to CD or downsized for families or […]

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Haiku Day, Solstice

Hear Winter Solstice wind Enjoy warm hugs, bright smiles, love Contrast brings beauty

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Yule tree is up, 5 gallons of Blackcap Mead bottled

Erci rocks! She bottled the first five gallon carboy of Blackcap mead today while I cleaned the dining room and foyer, then we decorated the tree together and watched the cats pretend to be forest predators by stalking each other and us from under the branches of the artificial tree. We’ll have to get more […]

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Busy Holiday Season

With all the holiday party action, new jobs, and planning/prepping for Yuletide Ball Championships; I am afraid I have been lax in updating. Here is a batch mode update… This morning I had an unexpected adventure, just as I was finishing breakfast and feeding the fish, I discovered that my 30 gallon marine aquarium was […]

Sexy Saturnalia To You!

There has been a lot of hoopla raised by the usual goof-ball rabble rousers (mostly that coward Bill O’Reilly over at Faux-News and the so-called American Family Association) about some supposed war on Christmas. At first I thought this was some sort of joke, and that the goof-balls were just ranting out of sheer spite, […]