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Digitizing Old Record Albums

I used to collect records, both for myself and as material for a part time job as a DJ at weddings and parties. I amassed a sizable collection (perhaps 800 albums, though I have not counted). A lot of that was collecting other people’s collections when they converted to CD or downsized for families or […]

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Interesting read in NY Times about Apple’s ITMS and Music Labels

Sorry it’s in the cookies heavy NT Times website, but it is interesting reading: My favorite bit is the very last line: ‘Mr. Card of Forrester, however, has a different take. “If it weren’t for Apple, God knows how bad the music industry would be,” he said.’ I’d no idea what ratios the money […]

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HDTV and Surround Sound

So I had a lot of fun over the past several days researching possible upgrades to our old surround sound receiver. It has been an educational week or so, and in the process I completely gutted our two entertainment center stacks of gear; vacuumed out the cubby holes where everything was, wiping it all down, […]

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Excellent Weekend

Things are finally beginning to slow down from the frenetic pace of political campaigning, preparation for ballroom dance showcases, and launching a major new product at work. The election is over, and great progress was made. The dance showcase event is over, and we had fun and no dance partners ended up on the floor. […]

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Mad World

Near the end of 1982 I first heard the song “Mad World” by Roland Orzabal of Tears for Fears and immediately liked it (and many other Tears for Fears songs), but I was a firm art/progressive rocker at the time and put it well below my favorites of that time (Yes, The Who, Jethro Tull, […]

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Odd iTunes 8 bug?

I am not even sure this is a bug, but it is a strange and annoying behavior. When I upgraded from iTunes 7 to iTunes 8 for Mac, most of my Smart Playlists stopped playing more than one song with each play command. The playlist would only play one song and stop. Very annoying, you […]

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