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Initial iPad Setup

A beloved relative recently asked me for help setting up their new iPad 2, and I responded initially with a long email that detailed how to first update iTunes on their Mac and then plug in and update the iPad itself. I went on to have them grab three free apps and a free book […]

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Interesting read in NY Times about Apple’s ITMS and Music Labels

Sorry it’s in the cookies heavy NT Times website, but it is interesting reading: My favorite bit is the very last line: ‘Mr. Card of Forrester, however, has a different take. “If it weren’t for Apple, God knows how bad the music industry would be,” he said.’ I’d no idea what ratios the money […]

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Odd iTunes 8 bug?

I am not even sure this is a bug, but it is a strange and annoying behavior. When I upgraded from iTunes 7 to iTunes 8 for Mac, most of my Smart Playlists stopped playing more than one song with each play command. The playlist would only play one song and stop. Very annoying, you […]

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