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Yuletide Ball was Fantastic Fun

Erci and I attended Yuletide Ball Championships with our teachers from The Ballroom, Darryl Adams and Michele Kearney. The championship is typically 3-4 days of competitive dancing and showcase exhibitions. There is also always a New Year’s Eve Gala Ball, which we attended with Ann Marlow and Dan Van Bey. The Gala is always lots […]

Happy Buy Nothing Day!

Now, do something fun with your loved ones, like visit a park, museum, or just stay home and talk to each other.

Ahoy, it be time to toast me most beloved holiday

Woke up this morning with a skull-splitting pain in me noggin… unable to fully embrace the holiday fun. Felt like I were bein’ keel-hauled by the time me vessel was finished getting some repairs; damned scalliwags took o’er three hours rather than the usual one; may the lubbers rot fer havin’ the incompetence of a […]

Excitement builds for next Friday

My favorite holiday is only a little over one week away, so this link is to help you prepare for it in case you forgot: September 19th! I see from the 2008 local observances list that my former co-workers over at AOL are observing the day with big plans; prepare to be boarded!

For Guy Fawkes Day, watch “V for Vendetta” tonight

“Remember, remember the 5th of November. The gunpowder, treason, and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.”

Happy New Year!

It’s been too long since I wrote anything meaningful hear, sorry. I’ll make a determination to write more frequently this year. To celebrate the winter season I decided to work on some of Erci‘s honey-do-list for me a bit, so I began wiring up and connecting all the unconnected speakers in our house. It’s what […]

Sexy Saturnalia To You!

There has been a lot of hoopla raised by the usual goof-ball rabble rousers (mostly that coward Bill O’Reilly over at Faux-News and the so-called American Family Association) about some supposed war on Christmas. At first I thought this was some sort of joke, and that the goof-balls were just ranting out of sheer spite, […]

Holiday Parties

Saturday sutragirl and I went to three holiday parties. We started at Bruce and Beth Roemmelt’s Holiday/post-Campaign party where we ran into a lot of the Prince William County Democrats and had a great time. One of the strange and interesting surprises was the number of politically active Democratic organizers who are, or used to […]

Holiday Gifts

Normally I find myself grumpy about the rampant over commercialization of the American Christmas season. I usually resent the constant bombardment of shopping catalogs (our recycle bin has been full every week for a month), the pervasive Christmas decorations in storefronts as early as September every year (WTF?), and the dependence the retail sector of […]


This long Thanksgiving weekend has held both Erci and I house bound with colds, so we have been very domestic, cleaning, watching movies and shows off the Dishplayer, and catching up on kitty-play time with Bailey the cat and ferret chasing time with Leonardo. Spanglish good clean fun. I have been wanting to catch this […]